PRO Compression returns to the 3/24 #RunChat

PRO Compression Shamrock sock

#RunChat co-moderator @RunningBecause and his sister wearing the PRO Compression Shamrock sock.

This past weekend I ran my first-ever race in compression socks. Thanks to PRO Compression, my favorite race — the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach — had even more of a Shamrock feel thanks to their sock of the month.

I have to admit that my legs have felt great since the race.

This week we welcome PRO Compression back to #RunChat, which gets under way on Twitter at 8 p.m. ET March 24.

You’ll have two chances to win a pair of socks this week, as well as receiving a discount code on Sunday.

First, we have a Q&A with PRO Compression’s CEO Eric Smith so you can get to know the company better.

* * *

Q: We see this asked often and it would be great to directly hear from you: What benefits will runners get out of wearing compression gear?

Runners enjoy several benefits. Worn during the run, Marathon compression socks provide additional support and comfort and help with soreness you get from pounding the pavement. Post-run, the benefits of recovery are well documented. Promoting increased blood flow is beneficial for speedy recovery and helping with injuries.

Q: PRO Compression’s first line of gear targeted golfers; what made you decide to target runners?

Great question! We are college golfers that turned in triathlete and marathon runners! The technology for our golf socks comes directly from our endurance products. Offering graduated compression socks to the group who first embraced the benefits was an easy decision for us.

Q: Tell what you like most about the running community?

It’s a very active community, with events, clubs, social media, and more. It’s great to be involved with so many amazing people. Plus we are runners and triathletes so we get to work with people we like to hang out with!

Q: We saw lots of love recently for the Shamrock Sock. What goes into picking a new sock design?

Yes, it has been very popular! Our design and knitting teams are THE BEST! The reality is, it takes months of planning, and programming to create a truly custom sock like the Shamrock. Good thing it’s our passion!

Q: What should runners expect from you the rest of the year? Any sock design secrets you can reveal?

We have several new socks and colors coming out the rest of the year. By this time next year we will have a full line of compression tights, shorts and capris. We will also have a really nice workout pants.

* * *

Up for grabs as part of #RunChat this week will be 2 pairs of socks — one winner will come from spreading the word about this week’s #RunChat. Visit PRO Compression’s website and find which pair of socks you’d like to have. Then head over to Twitter and tweet about it. The link in the Tweet must be included for entry:


These tweets must be received by 7 p.m. ET March 24. A winner will be selected and notified prior to #RunChat beginning at 8 p.m. ET. (Note: You do NOT have to return to this post stating you have tweet or post your tweet.)

A second winner of a pair of PRO Compression socks will be chosen at the end of the #RunChat hour. All you have to do in answer at least one question to be eligible.

In addition to Twitter, you can find PRO Compression on Facebook. “Like” them and tell them #RunChat sent you.

If you’re new to #RunChat, please visit our FAQ page for more information. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter for the latest #RunChat information.

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